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See everyone you can share rides with in your social network and travel across the state, the country or even across town with them. Coordinate privately with your RideConnected friends or their RideConnected friends on your social network by posting your driving plans on the RideBoard. Ask for a ride or offer one from the RideBoard to others who have similar travel plans to your own, or send out a ride request to all RideConnect users in the area who are available to rideshare.Categorize your ride share community by blocking or muting your RideConnected social contacts with whom you don’t want to share rides, or from whom you’d like to be hidden.RideConnect values your privacy and provides various opportunities within the app to only rideshare and carpool with people that you trust.
== Main Features ==
RideBoard- Ask for a Ride Now or a Ride Later- Ride Now allows you to send out a request for a ride to any RideConnect user who is in your vicinity- Ride later by creating posts that specify where you want to go/where you are going and when. Tell people what’s going on in a 140 character message.- Select who can see your posts- Sorted chronologically- See posts from people who are directly connected to you on your Facebook or in your phone book or from people who are connected to you through your direct contactsMy Community
- See who all you can share rides with in your social network- Green contacts are directly connected to you- Orange contacts are indirectly connected to you through your direct contacts- Block users or block the user and their entire social network from sharing rides with you- Mute users- Have your full name hidden from users who are indirectly connected to you- People are added to your ride sharing community when you save their phone number into your phone book and they also save your phone number into their phone book- You can also add to your ride sharing community when you add one another on Facebook
- RideMode starts automatically when you ride share with other users- Track the progress of your ride in real time- Communicate with one another using the walkie-talkie feature- Launch Google navigation from within the app- Get the ETA for the pick up and the drop off in real time